Getting ready to welcome a new baby…blue is their favorite color!

Everyday I am thankful for my own children!  They are some of the most precious gifts God has given me.  It makes my heart sing when I get the chance to help a family celebrate this same gift!  At this session, we did a mini-maternity shoot and family portraits all in one!   You can see the love on their faces, waiting with anticipation for their new addition to make his appearance this spring!  

Winter is a season for waiting it seems.  Most of us hibernate a little more while the weather is colder, waiting for spring.  As I sit here typing, the snow is falling heavy outside my windows, coating the ground, trees and our horses.  I am sure they are waiting for spring, lush green grass and more time to ride.  The beauty of winter is stark, white and sparkling with anticipation.  So much awaits beneath this winter blanket and I feel a burst of excitement thinking about what’s next!  A white winter backdrop highlights all the colors in our lives, are you bursting with excitement today!?  Enough reflection for today, I hope you enjoy this session as much as I did! 


Girls with attitude…wear red!

Some say blondes have more fun…and I can support that!  But I say girls wearing red have more attitude!

These sweet girls had great a attitude for our session!   They were both so comfortable with the camera, that striking a pose was easy for them!  And what wonderful big sisters too!  A brand new baby brother with two very helpful sisters to watch over him, such a lucky boy.

Latest “family” session…my little brother!

Okay, so he isn’t little anymore but he will always be my little brother!  And now he has a beautiful family of his own! 

On this day, all the kids, the moms and grandma were baking cookies at grandma’s house, so the kids were plenty wired.  Fast forward to my two youngest kids thinking the studio was kin to McDonald’s play land and you have a disaster waiting to happen!  Thankfully, all ended well and we still ended up with lots of great shots!  But I have to say that a studio in no place for two hyper kids NOT getting their pictures taken 🙂  They didn’t help when the poor little kid actually getting his pictures taken was none too happy!  So…reminder to self, don’t let those sweet blue-eyed angels convince you that they will behave in the studio with nothing to do!  Gotta love ’em!

Thanks for the opportunity to capture your family at such a precious time in your lives!  Love you all!



A new addition to our family…my niece!

Emma arrived just 3 short weeks ago but has already left such a huge impression on our hearts!  Children are a blessing from God, which we sometimes forget when they are 2 or 3 but right now she is perfect!   Babies stay small for such a short time, it was my pleasure to capture those fleeting moments in Emma’s fresh little life!  I was so excited for the chance to try out the new little hats I have been knitting and to have such a patient model was a treat!  As the weather continues to get colder I will be busy knitting all sorts of new hats and blankets!  If you are interested in getting one for your little sweet pea just let me know and we can talk colors and sizes!  I hope you have a wonderful day! 

Loving the charm of a country farm!

I can’t believe that we are into December with little or no snow on the ground!  But even without the snow, it has been cold enough to notice the change of seasons.  I’m just happy that I had the chance to capture the lovely charm of my friends sweet country farm! 

I wish I had a big white (or red!) barn of my very own but for now I will have to adore hers!  I couldn’t get enough of all the  different backgrounds a farm provides!  Thank you to Joe for hamming it up for the camera, it was too cute! 

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!  May the love of Christ be with you through the holidays and always!


My new studio has been warmed up!

It is so important to capture your family at every stage!  Making time for the big family photo session can be a challenge but the rewards will last a lifetime! 


I just loved this family, their cute little girls made for a great session and lasting memories! 

I am still booking for Christmas sessions!


Working in the new studio!

I had my first official session Monday in my new studio!
These girls were a little silly but couldn’t wait to strike a pose and tell each other what to do. We had a damp dress from the dryer that we hung outside and let the wind blow around for a while, cause when a girl wants to wear it, she’s going to wear it! There was no stopping this little peanut who posed so sweetly!
Let me know if you want to book in my new studio! I have so many new things to try!

Announcing…Sarah Karvakko Photography!

Hi!  Still me here!  Just a little name change and then I’ll get back to business!  

I’ve had to change the name of my business due to a clerical error in the State’s office.  When my business was registered, they misspelled the name!  In the meantime, another individual registered my old name. 

So I am turning lemons into green tea with a twist of lemon and honey 🙂 … and launching Sarah Karvakko Photography! 

Bigger, better and easier to find online!  You can find all my updated contact info on my Contact Me page!  Thanks for helping me spread the news!

Watch for my new website to launch soon!

Brock’s senior photo shoot!

Brock is a great kid and he was a blast to photograph!  His buddy joined us for the afternoon and was helpful…mostly!  At least he got some good smiles out of Brock and had me laughing too!  I was compared to Marsha Brady on the new movie but I’m not sure if it was a compliment or not 🙂  It brought me back to my own senior photo session with my two best gals along for support, it keeps getting further away but seems like yesterday!  And we will always remember the big red barn!  You know who you are! 

Blessings on your weekend!  Ciao~



Top hats are so cool!

This was a really neat session!  Ashley came into TJ Studio for her senior portrait session.  She arrived with a flourish in a beautiful blush pink prom gown!  When we were settled in the studio she brought out the treasured top hat, borrowed with strict guidelines for care!  This was no ordinary top hat but an antique beaver hat!  We tried a few fun poses and then switched to earings!  These were her favorite earings and they suited her personality just right!