Latest “family” session…my little brother!

Okay, so he isn’t little anymore but he will always be my little brother!  And now he has a beautiful family of his own! 

On this day, all the kids, the moms and grandma were baking cookies at grandma’s house, so the kids were plenty wired.  Fast forward to my two youngest kids thinking the studio was kin to McDonald’s play land and you have a disaster waiting to happen!  Thankfully, all ended well and we still ended up with lots of great shots!  But I have to say that a studio in no place for two hyper kids NOT getting their pictures taken 🙂  They didn’t help when the poor little kid actually getting his pictures taken was none too happy!  So…reminder to self, don’t let those sweet blue-eyed angels convince you that they will behave in the studio with nothing to do!  Gotta love ’em!

Thanks for the opportunity to capture your family at such a precious time in your lives!  Love you all!



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